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Stacks Australia was Founded in the first quarter of 2022 by Kieran Nolan following a grant application with the Stacks Foundation for the development of an open project The School of Bitcoin DAES

Stacks Australia Chapter
The Stacks Foundation recommended the establishment of a Stacks Chapter for the Australia region to first develop a community to grow the user base of $STX measured by the number of Stacks users and the creation of a developer community utilising the Stacks blockchain using the smart contract language Clarity.

Stacks Australia Chapter Legal Entity - Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd
To make best use of the funds for the development of the Stacks ANZ community Kieran Nolan joined the board of the DIGITAL PLAYHOUSE FOUNDATION LTD is a purpose-built registered CHARITY with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) whose purpose is 'Advancing social or public welfare’ in regional communities.

Responsible Person
Kieran Nolan is the responsible person for community grant. All consultation, voting and distribution of funds to grant recipients from the $BTC stacking rewards will be directed by Kieran. Please keep all communications in the channels listed.

Tax Free Receipt of $STX
The receipt of the Stacks Grant into the charity ensures 100% of all $STX received are tax free for maximum benefit of the Stacks ANZ community.

Stacks Australia Entity and Compliance

Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd ABR Status

Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd ACNC Registration

Stacks Australia Stacking Pool

Stacking Pool Target = 130,000 $STX
Stacks Australia's goal is to establish a community $STX Stacking Pool that enables community members to contribute part of the $STX staking rewards to the development of the community. Once we reach 130,000 $STX Stacks Australia will run its own stacking pool with a HIRO wallet.

Xverse Wallet
All $STX received have been placed in a Stacking pool to attract and receive $BTC rewards.

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The smart contract language for Stacks is Clarity.

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